The LG Chem RESU10H is a battery system ideal for existing solar power (PV) systems.

It charges during the day using electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid when utility rates are low. It powers your home in the evening when the sun is not shining or when the utility rates are higher.

LG Chem RESU10H uses state of the art lithium ion energy storage technology to deliver a high voltage battery storage solution of the absolute highest quality. LG Chem batteries have been utilised around the globe by major car manufacturers such as Hyundai/Kia, GM, VW, Ford and the Daimler Group.

Now LG Chem have translated the technology to become available for the average home user to safely and economically power the home. The system is easy to install, completely automated and requires no maintenance.

The LG CHem Resu10h is a stylish battery storage system available from Solahart to store excess solar energy from your PV system


Captures and stores excess solar energy resulting in greater self-consumption of solar generation and reduced energy costs.


It’s compact, sytlish design also ensures the efficient use of space.


10-year warranty for peace of mind. Conditions apply – get in touch for more information.

Key Features

LG Chem uses innovative stack and folding technologies to achieve higher energy density and compactness. The LG Chem lithium ion cells apply battery pouch cell technology to improve efficiency, minimize dead space, improve stability and extend battery lifetime.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, load shifting, and backup power.

The LG CHEM RESU10H charges during day using electricity generated from solar panels or from the grid during low utility rates. The battery will power your home during the evening when the sun is not shining or when the utility rates are higher.

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