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With over 60 years of experience, you’re dealing with a trusted supplier in Solahart.

Solahart PowerStore

Solahart can help you and your family leave a sustainable footprint and reduce the impact of your energy consumption. Solahart has installed over 1 million solar systems in Australia. To assess the benefits for your home and family, get in touch with our team and we’ll conduct a free solar assessment.

Atmos Heat Pump

Are you curious to see how heat is drawn from the atmosphere and transferred to water? If so please watch this video to see how the Atmos heat pump works.

Atmos-Frost Heat Pump

Our new Atmos-Frost heat pump is built frost-tolerant. It is a smart choice for families who may not be able to go solar but are looking for an energy-efficient alternative to an electric water heater.

Solahart Total Home Solution

Our total home solution offers efficient solar panels backed by an industry leading 25-year Australian warranty, solar batteries and smart hot water heaters, all connected with Solahart’s smart energy management system.

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